I’ll K-Tel on You

 Crazy Spike!  Another fun commercial – this one one shot in a backyard with whatever what hanging around. Notice Pat changing channels with a nail duct taped to a stick.  Stupid aside : We were going to do a segment with both of us sitting watching the TV with David Letterman on, and have the voice over ”You’ve seen them watching David Letterman!”   Witty beyond belief, I know, but it amused us at the time.

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One Response to “I’ll K-Tel on You”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    I cannot mock this video.

    It is a classic riff on the Popeil genre from way back in time.

    I grew up watching those Pocket Fisherman and Mister Microphone ads, so I knows from where I speak.

    And I just have to say, gentlemen, kudos to you. Or maybe granola bars. I think I’m out of Kudos.

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