The laugh is on me.

Sam Lloyd on ScrubsSam Lloyd

A few months ago, I realized that Sam Lloyd – member of The Butties – a Beatles tribute band – was actually Ted on Scrubs. My tenuous connection – I drove the van to get their equipment to a gig in Liverpool, NY, and worked with Mark Humble, another member of the band in morning radio. The Butties lgoWe’ve been watching all the old episodes on Comedy Centeral via TiVo, and something clicked… so while my wife and daughter are watching the show, I use the handy dandy internet and see, yes it is someone I know that’s been on TV.  The other ‘celebrity’ was Mr. Dan Klass of the last post, who has had bit parts on several network shows and a few commercials. So I’m excited to tell them that an old acquaintance is now found… and  I get back…’Was everyone in your class bald?’  Ouch.  Then she follows it with,  “You’re just mad because you didn’t think of it first.”  Slam DunkTwo points

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13 Responses to “The laugh is on me.”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Nobody but nobody remembers his stint on the blink-and-you-missed-it CBS sitcom DOUBLE RUSH, starring the unfortunately late Robert Pastorelli (late of Murphy Brown fame). Basically, the same character as Ted from Scrubs.

    I’ll always remember the first time I met Sam was when he accosted the S.U. Student Government meeting in a Batman outfit and I forced him to wait in a room off to the side for a few minutes, until there was a lull in the proceedings, and his appearance in the room would create Maximum dramatic impact. Oh yeah, Robin was there too.

    And it did create maximum impact. Funny stuff.

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Man, I forgot about the Batman suit. That was amazing! I think he ran in stopped and said something about is being good citizens for participating in the governmental process, and then running back out.

    I forget who Robin was. But I do remember that the time wasted in that meeting
    (I was one of the UUTV contingent) almost got us a new editing system for 12 hours, until they took it away from us again.

  3. scottmercer Says:

    Could it have been that Paul Perry was Robin, one of the other Butties, who currently works with a certain person we both know (formerly known as Wild Wayne)???? I have to get him to pass the memory along and see what comes back.

  4. scottmercer Says:

    P.S. You need to upload an avatar.

  5. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    i remember Paul as being a killer guitar player and also having great piano chops.. I never got the guitar past basic chords… one night we were at the piano, and he started transposing D7m chords from the guitar to the piano so we would get the tabulature to some song… I was very impressed he could swap between both to get the guitar minor notes to the keyboard. Now if I only remembered the song, I’d be in good shape.

  6. humblemark Says:

    Hey fellas! Mark Humble here, letting you know that the guy playing Robin to Sam’s Batman was Mark Snelson. The two of them taped a bunch of shows for UUTV called “Dynamic Duo Discover.” I think the way it went was Sam and Mark wanted to produce a comedy show, but UUTV only had a slot open for a public service show, so the guys came up with the “Discover” title and for the first few episodes included interviews with people on and around campus. Then when they realized nobody was paying attention, they dropped the interview segment and just did the comedy show.

    Paul is still a killer musician; he was nominated for an Emmy award last year for a song he wrote for Scrubs.

    I am happy to report I still have hair, but it’s starting to get a bit gray…

  7. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Mark! I googled you a few times from afar to see you were alive. One of these days I’ll actually make it to Butties show in VT.

    I’ll have to look in the archives… I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a master or 2 of ‘Dynamic Duo Discover’… or was that ‘Uncle Bobo’s’.

    The Newswatch DVDs are slightly mastered, and slowly making it to participants of that series as I contact them.

    and I’m very happy to hear you still have hair, even if it’s a Mark Harmon thing a happenin’ with it.

    Actually… Did Paul write one of the Scrubs last musical songs?.. somehow, ‘Everything Comes Down to Poo’ seems like it would have his hands all over it. Figuratively, at least….

  8. humblemark Says:

    Tommy G! (this is Tommy G, isn’t it?) Yes, come to a Butties show in VT. I think this year we’ll be playing over the weekend of July 11th.

    When you left Syracuse, did you take all the tapes with you? Impressive.

    Ha! Yeah, my hair has gone through several iterations, but seems to keep settling back into a Harmonesque quality. What can you do.

    Paul wrote a lot of the songs on the Scrubs musical…while his hands were not on “Poo” (that was written by the guys who wrote “Avenue Q”) he wrote “Gonna Miss You Carla”, “The Rant Song”, “Guy Love”, “For the Last Time I’m Dominican” and “Options”

  9. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Yes, I admit I am that Tommy G. I’ll have to see if I can make it that weekend. Should be a hoot!

    I was thinking about the Butties when I saw Brad Delp’s band BeatleJuice. Man, he had a set of pipes. One of the guys I worked with would see him around – one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. He made a 1 year retrospective doc on him last month.. it’s on my station’s VOD if you want to check it out.


    As far as the tapes… I had a few but not many.. then our pal Sook was in Syracuse over the summer a few years later, and I happened to have a used videotape business starting up… so most of the UUTV things made it onto 3/4″ and resides somewheres… I think I still have most of the z-89 stuff on reels.
    I forget if the DDD show 3/4 went back to LA with Sook, or is in the boxes here. It’s be worth a look in the dust bins to find out.

    And Paul.. what can I say – he’s the Neil Innes of Scrubs. MFM.

  10. danklass Says:

    Why did I have to go bald? WHY, LORD, WHY?

    I love Sam Lloyd. And Humble. And Mercer and G.


  11. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    I look at the follicle debacle as inevitable.

    Man – 3 SAT words in a sentence. Call me Charles Winchester the III and poke me with a fork. I’m done.

    I can do a stupid pun like.. Hair today, gone tomorrow.. but it truth is much worse than the fiction.

    I’m close to chrome dome. I’ll deal.

  12. scottmercer Says:

    I’ll probably be joining you gents eventually. Definitely thinning in the front. Not there yet, but someday. In the meantime, knock wood that I get to keep as much as I can for as long as I can (and my heart doesn’t explode until I’m 80).

  13. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    A Reminder – The Butties concerts are the weekend of July 11th in Manchester and Londonderry VT. You can get info and maybe valuable cash prizes by going to the headquarters at .

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