The Updated Luigi’s cut

 This is the version from the BYD & Friends show live at Newhouse Studios at scenic Syracuse University. The audience track isn’t as loud as I remember it, but reactions are the same. It’s tagged with a rare clip of Pat and ‘The Doctor of Rock’ Chris Garrett racing elephants in downtown Portsmouth, NH. I think the Mayor was on the center elephant – he eventually won the elimination heats, and everyone had ‘lunch’ with the Pachyderms – they brought a flatbed truck of lettuce and veggies for them to eat. You’ll never see that happen in this age… the liability would be enourmous. But in the mid 80’s it was just an odd thing, but no one got worked up over the fact 3 lumbering animals were around the crowds of women, children, sirens, and radio DJ’s obnoxiously commenting on the air.  The previous year I was the guest rider… I had about 30 pounds of Marti radio gear with me trying to talk while the race was on, barely holding on to the grip, and bouncing on the elephant’s back to come in a solid last.  At least the picture made the paper of us with the elephants on 2 legs. Still on their backs. Yeah, no liability there. Or brain cells on my part.. but it was fun.

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2 Responses to “The Updated Luigi’s cut”

  1. How to make someone snort out their breakfast at 6 am… « Boffoyuxdudes’s Weblog Says:

    […] man — elvis didn’t say – you’re out!  Another skit was a live version of Luigi’s, with the SFX all done live using twigs, pots and pans, scraping metal spoons and hunks of cottage […]

  2. Hercule Poirot: Trapped in his own mind | 365 Comedy Bits for 2011 Says:

    […] and see what worked best for them. Some just translated well if we put visuals to them, like Luigi’s. Others fell flat if they didn’t have the imagination of the audience, like the one time we […]

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