Used Cars and the rubes who own them…

We did this for an early BENT! episode – my neighbor on Plum Island owned this lot outside my rental cottage, and it was ripe for some sort of skit.. this was the result. Fun Facts: The AMC was Mark and Joy’s actual car. We had done a bunch of skits that day on the beach – I used to declare ‘Mental Health Day on Fridays during the summer, and try and get friends to blow off work to come up to the beach. When they got there, I’d cajole them to do some video bits. Small price to pay for a day on the sand. Occasionally they’d actually result in a funny one, like this.

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2 Responses to “Used Cars and the rubes who own them…”

  1. handsomeyoungbuck Says:

    Saaaaay, who’s that handsome young buck who shows up at the end? That boy’s got talent!

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Yeah, him and that hot vixen must be up to something! I bet they left with that AMC Concord together…

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