Night Howls – the skit, the spot, the legend.

Pat was asked to do some acting in a spot for TV-38 when we were doing some voiceovers… it ended up being quite the segment  – 2 days of shooting and highlighting the Fall lineup for the station.. I stopped by the last day of shooting to use it as a segment for our video show… and this is part one of the docudrama that it ended up being… I’m still shocked at the total free reign we had at the station.. we used to bring a huge box of chocolates in every time we stopped by and harrassed everyone in the offices into having one, including the bosses… I do remember Deb Ondo writing and producing the bit and the production techs who were always laid back and personable. It was a fun gig for a few years… we did all the TV-38 kids club tags and promotion voice overs in various voices. Sometime this got a little tough – like when pat had to have an ALF doll to do the voice, so we had to bring in the puppet or he’d lose the character…. ‘Willy! Aahhggh‘. This is part one, where Pat finds a copy of Ivanhoe and reads it to everyone he can get to listen. Part 2 is where he kills his throat laughing for the video, when there wasn’t a mic on him the whole time… live and learn

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4 Responses to “Night Howls – the skit, the spot, the legend.”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Ha ha ha ha!!! I believe that’s my shoulder in that footage of Pat as one of the “Natives.” Hey, nice to see a shot of the wonderfully cluttered interior of your Beach House. Good times.

    Yep, my place still looks like that. That’s what happens when you stay a bachelor…

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    YEah, it’s amazing I could even move in that place. I remember your 6 foot inflatable can of Orange Crush. Now there’s a prop! It’s in one of the bumps for Bent somewheres…

  3. scottmercer Says:

    Yikes…I recall that I found that at Building 19. I think I bought about 5 of them because they were 3 bucks each or something. I thought a Null and Void skit with 5 or 6 giant inflatable soda cans would be funny, I guess we would have to write the skit around the props though. Anyway, it never got that far because they disappeared somewhere along the way…maybe you ended up with them?

  4. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    I think one hung around the Beachhouse for a while… you gave some away to people who just ‘had to have’ them.. but I don’t remember who.

    That was probably around my 30th bday party at the beach…. might have been the weekend we finished the editing on ‘Clutter’ as well.

    I still have a floppy disk with the original on it.. but it’s in some odd wordperfect format I can’t translate….

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