Women Talk : Unfaithful Men and the Bucky Lewis Connection

 Those 3 guys who know women, Bill, Joe, and Eddie, are back with another tome of wisdom – Why men are unfaithful, and what to do to keep them from straying. I’ll post a few of these a month to keep you on your toes… A little history on the video Women Talk versions — we cut about 11 or so in one afternoon with the help of our friends in Needham at the access channel. They ended up as segments in our comedy video show, BENT!, which won a few awards in the mid 90’s. But they also were part of a reel that we sent to ‘The Bucky Lewis Show‘ on WNDS-TV 50 in NH. That show was a segment unto itself… Bucky was a local comedian who would do club shows.. the act was similar to a catskills comedian from ‘Dirty Dancing’, complete with ethnic humor that you’d think wouldn’t fly in today’s crowds… In any case, the reel of commercial parodies and skits made it into the producer of that show’s hands, and they wanted to use them… but there was one issue with the Women Talk skits… the beer cans.We didn’t realize the empties were Budweiser cans… and Coors was a sponsor of the show. So we couldn’t use those version of the videos so we wouldn’t tweak the sponsor. But it was a bitch organizing the first shoot, so while we were game to do it again, we just couldn’t get everyone in one place.. so Women Talk never graced the Bucky Lewis airwaves.  Another learning experience. We didn’t get paid cash… they had a trade deal with a local ‘Rent a Center’, and we had to pick from their inflated selection of fine high priced merchandise for recompense for our bits… in the end, the hugh cash we thought we’d be getting, instead ended up as ‘The microwave comedy bought for Pat, and the Dining Room Starter set that comedy bought for me. To add to the fun – when they delivered the set, it was the wrong one. I had to haul it up and back, then wait weeks and get it again when it came in.  Word of advice. Get the cash upfront. Don’t take the trade. 

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4 Responses to “Women Talk : Unfaithful Men and the Bucky Lewis Connection”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    I had forgotten about Bucky Lewis.

    My brain had forced the memory out of there. Good to see people are recycling, even if it’s old comedy routines. I wonder if he ever worked with “Jackie the Jokeman”?

    At least he’s up on YouTube! Nobody can call Bucky a luddite, no sir!

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    I was surprised to google him, and see he’s still out there doing gigs and benefit shows. Good for him! I don’t think we ever saw him Face to Face.. we were working with the producer for the show, and he was let go from the station a few months later… Like usual, people leave, and others seem to forget any agreements they made….

  3. Woman Talk – Outtakes of the Rich and Brainless « Boffoyuxdudes’s Weblog Says:

    […] can see a full episode from the series here and here, as well as the BYD YouTube […]

  4. Nah, Joey, she’s probably doing something on her back… | 365 Comedy Bits for 2011 Says:

    […] I always loved these guys. Here’s some background on the video series. […]

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