Speculation Theater – Some bits just don’t come easy

    One of the more satisfying bits we worked on was ‘Speculation Theater’ – the format was simple. Thespian Ronald Albacore introduced a ‘what if’ scenario, and we’re re-enact the scene with the original characters. Most of the funny came from the juxtaposition of the characters who would never usually be interacting together, or the historical context which sometimes made the skit use SAT words with multiple syllables.     They were satisfying to do because of the multiple levels. They were a pain in the ass because we had to not only write them, they had to be true to the characters and history or they fell flat. That took a ton of research and time, so after 40 or so, we were exhausted. They also really had 3 parts Ron’s setup, the actual bit with multiple characters, and Ron’s discussion of the skit, and a throwaway line for the next episode, which sometimes morphed into a real episode.     Because of the limitations, we actually only did one of these on video – for the BYD & Friends live show – and I think we tried intos and outros, but never managed to complete those segments for various reasons.      I did master a Speculation Theater Cassette, which I’ll dig out for the masses to ponder later. But here is the one skit I have on hand. ‘What if Early Cavemen had Cable TV’?     Enjoy.

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6 Responses to “Speculation Theater – Some bits just don’t come easy”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Milner steals the whole skit.

    Actually, that takes the diabolical nature of an evil genius to engineer that end result. So, whoever gave him that line must have the blame. Go figure.

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Yeah, I think the skit came first, then the divvying up of the lines… we wanted to get him into the show, and he seemed the natural to take the punchline for that one.

    I remember having no idea how to do the costumes for that one.. and we ended up going to k-mart and buying toilet seat covers sets. Someone mentioned I was wearing my glasses during the rehearsal, and wouldn’t it ruin the continuity if I left them on… and I thought – continuity with these costumes?

  3. horstschultz Says:

    Andrew said he was channeling Richard Burton in this one. Actually, if you put Mr. Burton on that set, dress him in a toilet seat cover….Yeah, I’d say Andrew nailed it.

  4. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    I can see that in the ‘Move Dead Body’ speech. Timed well, and he wasn’t thrown by the lighting change or my lousy overacting in the ‘beaten to death’ scene.

  5. daverobidenza Says:

    “Stone potatoes!”

    I was just thinking about this bit since I’m considering cutting back on my cable service. And while we’re on the subject – congratulations on creating Geico/ABC’s “Caveman” routine 15 years early.

  6. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Thank you. Yeah, we missed out on that gravy train… hell the residuals alone from the sitcom would keep us in olives for months, I tell you, Months!

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