The Waiter, The Menu, and the Missing Mayonnaise

Another of the BYD & Friends skits, with Mark Haskins as the apologetic waiter. Bill Spring is the loser of the bet. Special appearance by Tom McAndrew as the second waiter.     This was a fun gig to do… I’m trying to remember if Mark wrote this one or Pat & I did.. I know we did a number of them – one a skit where they only sold potatoes in various forms…                                          Class notes – I’m a lousy memorizer – notice the script hidden in the menu. Also the expensive set – I knocked the plant over on the way out in a huff, but managed to get it back standing up. Having the live audience helped make it work as well… Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “The Waiter, The Menu, and the Missing Mayonnaise”

  1. horstschultz Says:

    So that future generations have accurate BYD records: This bit was, indeed, written by Tom n’ Pat, not Mark n’ Bill.

    The “potato” bit was actually Bill’s tale of proud Irish peasants cheerfully trying to figure out how to get through the winter with only one potato.

    Good times…

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    You know you’re getting old when you can’t remember if you wrote it, or you knew someone who did.

    I did like the Irish ‘potatoes’ skit Bill wrote. We can have it in December with this, and January with that, and the leftovers in February… I’ll have to find the actual BYD and Friends show, as opposed to the snippets that made it into BENT! shows and post that one.

    I also loved the skit you wrote with the guy in the calendar factory who created new holidays to get out of work. I still use “Left Handed Bowlers’ Day” as an excuse sometimes.

    The potatoes one I”m thinking about was the snooty irish waiter at the restaurant that had great meals with potatoes, but somehow, they kept running out of everything but the potatoes… Pat did a good maniacal waiter, and the amount of things you can make out of potatoes did get up there. Pommes Frites was a favorite of mine. It’s actually French for ‘Fried Apples’. Go figure.

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