Breakfast of Champions

This bit was a cross coast collaboration (Say that 3 times fast). Some shot on Plum Island in MA, the rest in CA at Scott’s house near LA. Catch the quick cameo of Podcaster Dan Klass as the BMW driver. Kudos to Scott Hewitt as the abused one at the table. He really wanted those flakes….


Allan, Scott, Pat, and Danny the K. all had some fun with the Sound FX. Enjoy

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6 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions”

  1. danklass Says:

    Holy cow. What was this, about ’92 or so? Wow. The good old days at Stanley Studios, just off of Melrose in Hollywood. I think I did the cereal box art on my Mac Classic. It had *4* megabytes of RAM!


    – dK

    The Bitterest Pill

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    I didn’t know you designed the box. You do have a way with them.. I still have the art for the 2nd BYD tape you made… fun stuff…

  3. scottmercer Says:

    Mr. S. Hewitt still has that box, it’s collecting dust on top of his entertainment center in Burbank, just where he left it in 1994.

  4. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    That might be a record… although the Newswatch sign Prop has been in Mr. Snead’s basement (or attic) since 1989. Speaking of which.. he said he found more Newswatch masters the other day.. I wasn’t sure where they ended up.

    There may be an outside shot the whole collection is still intact. Now there’s a scary thought for humanity.

  5. daverobidenza Says:

    No, the box is on top of my bookshelf, not entertainment center. And it does get dusted occasionally. Sheesh.
    DK did create the art, including some test printouts (for a never-shot sketch about sausage-scented antiperspirants) which were used to cover the product name on the box. I believe I also posed for the “rooster” silhouette.

    But Tom, you never shot a spot for “Nut ‘n’ Raisin, Honey”?

  6. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    No, that one never made it past the liner stage… Bealzabran did almost get a full box mock up – I have the sketches of the cartoon Satan around here somewheres….

    For those of you missing the reference.. the liner goes…

    ‘Today’s show is sponsored by Nut n’ Rasin Honey –
    the cereal that cures male impotence.. Nuttin’ RAISIN’, honey!

    …and now, back to our show!’

    I should get together with Pat and do more of those.. We’d take over a McDonalds in the afternoon, and sit and write a few hundred while the mom’s would keep their kids away from us flailing our arms acting out the obnoxious characters and loud announcer voices. They never did ask us to leave… there must have been some entertainment value to it from their perspective.

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