How not to create a music video – Part 2



Well – it was more to surprise the band – since it was one of the demo tapes they has sent me… I liked the early demo version of ‘Never Want to Live on Venus’ – the later version was missing something. So I started trying to do something with it.. but I didn’t have much in the way of video from the band left from the first video.. and it wouldn’t have matched up with the vocals in any case.

So I decided to sing it. Actually, lip sync it. 

A friend at Needham, David Steiner, had done some silly videos, using the ‘chinigan’ technique. Basically, you turn the camera upside down, do a close up of the chin, and you have an odd looking mouth/face combo. I took this to extremes with circle wipes to represent planets, multiple exposures, and several cameras shooting televisions while zooming in and out on footage. Remember, this is linear editing in 1992 – the only computer used was a camera shooting the screensaver on a Macintosh II for the stars at the open/close. Each time you did a layer, you lost resolution – which in this case, was a good thing. It ended up making the planets a little more ‘evil’ with their shadows.

It ended up taking months to get it dense enough to work, and I still think if I had more time, a few more layers would have make it better. Paul Newcomb would come in and help me late nights with some of the manual camera zoom effects in a blackened studio while I tried rolling and dissolving between versions.

Like I said  – way too much time for an experiment, but it was fun figuring out how things worked and didn’t work – now it’s more a relic in the pre computer era video. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “How not to create a music video – Part 2”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    It does give a nice creepy, sinister effect. Feels like a video from some British techno pop band. If I said Depeche Mode I’d be really out of my league, but how about Ned’s Atomic Dustbin? Or The Trash Can Sinatras? Anyway, something with a garbage can in it would probably be appropriate, at least as far as the music goes. I keed.

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Creepy was what I was looking for, with the funky swagger of the synths. It needed a few more layers in spots where it drags, but I wasn’t too upset at the finished product.

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