Props, and clothes, and continuity, oh my.

Phrazology : Selling Like Hotcakes

I never realized how many skits had one of us in overalls. It might have been we shot them all near each other, but it might have been just Pat going through a Mr. Greenjeans phase.

This was another of our Phrazology segments – this one explaining the ramifications of ‘Selling like Hotcakes’. I’m trying to remember just how many radio versions we did of this series… I’m sure it was a lot, since it was picked up by the syndicators. I’ll be posting audio of them when I get the reel to reel digitizing up and running. Until then, you’ll have to watch the video. Enjoy.



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3 Responses to “Props, and clothes, and continuity, oh my.”

  1. horstschultz Says:

    This bit is marred only by my hatred of the word “flapjacks”. Otherwise, pure comedy.

  2. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Care to elaborate on your phobia of the buckwheat persuasion? Is it the shape, form or taste that has you horrified?

  3. horstschultz Says:

    Don’t get me wrong; I love pancakes of all persuasions, and dine upon them frequently. Its just the word “flapjack”…I’ve hated the sound of that word since the first time I heard it. It actually makes me clench my fists and grit my teeth. Someday, someone is going to use the word in conversation, and I’ll wake up three days later in a holding cell in Illinois after a multi-state vandalism spree.

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