One of those things that will end up on AFV…

Death of a Pinata

This one was done as a joke with the family about 14 years ago. It was my nephew Connor’s birthday party, and he had a Pinata that just wouldn’t cooperate. What to do, what to do. 


In our case, it was fill it with kool aid and run it over with a large metal object.

I’m not sure how Arthur Miller got in there, or the Mills Brothers, but they seemed to add to the melee. His dad Mark Ginsberg does the running commentary.

This bit seemed to strike a chord with everyone.. the kids have used it for school projects, and get a giggle out of it every time the home movies get pulled out. I always thought it was right up America’s Funniest Home Videos type of stuff, but haven’t sent it to them yet. One day I’ll send the batch I’ve been saving over the years.. this, the elephant race in Portsmouth, the day the WHEB van got caught in the ocean surf as the tide came in, and others.


Until then, Enjoy. 

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