Everything you own is game for a skit…


How Not to Fix a Car

Part 1 *

Part 2 *

Part 3 *

Part 4 *  

Part 5 *


You may not think so, but anything you own can be a prop for a skit.

Especially things you have no need for any longer. Like my Red 1981 Toyota that had died after a long and unhappy life being driven into the ground by myself. My brother had introduced me to my new mechanic friends, Whit and Donn in Rowley, MA, who helped me keep the Toyota running, and find me another used one when they up and died on me. They said sure when I suggested we trash it in their work establishment. Silly boys.


Actually, I think they just swapped it for a junker they had in the back, since the car we used looks in much worse shape than mine was. It’s also a different color. 


What you see is unscripted – I just shot and tried to react as innocently and naively (is that a word?) as possible. This is what ended up in the BENT! episode.


One aside – I noticed men find this gut wrenchingly dry and laugh out loud funny. Women are basically watching for 45 seconds and saying WTF. So if you’re looking for something that is 100% a guy thing, this is it. Enjoy.

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