Elvis has been very, very good to us…


Elvis needing a sugar fix.

The king is our pal. We’ve created several hundred bits with the King over the years.  We had him do a prank call to Manuel Noriega before he was carted off to jail. He called the IRS to try and turn himself in and make good on not paying his taxes all those years… and he also wandered all over Haverhill, MA with a video camera looking for a donut. This is Pat wandering the streets, and teasing octogenarians at Heavenly Donuts – where he has a flashback to a 1972 gig in Vegas and pretends they were his groupies. 

Gotta love it. Enjoy.

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One Response to “Elvis has been very, very good to us…”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Those oldsters probably hadn’t seen that much excitement in the streets of Haverhill since 1972, when the old mill burned down.

    I’m just making that part up, but every town in New England must have had one point when “the old mill burned down.”

    In my case, in my hometown, that would have been impossible, because “The Old Mill” was the town swimming pool. Kind of hard for a swimming pool to burn down.

    Get those folks talking and I”m sure they’d have a story to relate. Either that, you could ask them about “The Big Blizzard of ’58.”

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