Nun Shall Pass…. then dribble and score!

Nuns Playing Basketball – 1991 


For some reason, the thought of Nuns playing basketball struck me as funny. So when we had to shoot some bumpers for BENT!, and Pat suggested his wife had some nun habits from a theater production, we had to shoot something. So of course, we set up a camera on a wide shot in his front yard in NH, and proceeded to practice a hookshot.


It took only a few minutes for a couple to stop their car, and take out a camera to shoot shots. I guess 2 guys dressed up as nuns playing basketball isn’t as common a sight as you might guess. So we did what we usually do. We interviewed them to ask why they stopped. Of course, we were still in costume at the time.


Quick, a homage to the long years spent in the Catholic school system, and silly. enjoy.

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