Dennis Miller and the politics of fearmongering

Courtney tell us what she really desires in the bedroom.
Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say

Something I’ve noticed in the past… While I think Dennis Miller is one funny sonufabitch, the people who laugh at his material don’t always do it for the reasons you suspect. A majority of his highbrow humor is lost on the audience… sometimes I think it’s lost on him as well, but that’s another story.

I’m putting it out there that most people laugh at Dennis Miller out of fear. The fear of seeming stupid among your peers. So if you don’t know that the Romans were defeated by the Tartars, and he makes a offhand quip like — ‘The Romans would still be around today if they only had Tartar Control Crest’.
The one historian in the room might do a half knee slap and say ‘Humourous’.

The rest of the room will gage the other peoples reactions, and then laugh – a little harder than their neighbor, so they don’t seem ignorant…. ‘I knew what that meant, so I’m laughing real hard! I’m smart, see! I am! and you’re not laughing, so you must be lower on the evolutionary chain that I am, so I’ll laugh even louder’…

If you’re in a room alone, or with just a few friends, rarely will you laugh out loud. You’ll think ‘Pithy observation’ but you’re thinking way too hard to actually understand the setup to have a gut wrenching reaction..

However, on America’s Funniest Videos, you will not have a choice but to laugh and cringe whenever the obligatory crotch hit montage comes on. You can’t stop it… even if it’s not funny, you’re going to do some sort of reaction.

Am I the only one who’s seen this phenomenon?

FYI: The bump at the start of the clip is our pal Tom McAndrew at the Erie Boulevard Bowling Lanes, doing the dance of joy. Always a fun sight.

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