Robot Elvis and the Senior Citizen Lobby

Elvis – Used Car Salesman


This car lot was right across from Heavenly Donuts in Haverhill. A friend, Dave, hired Pat to do a bit for a real used car commercial.. so if course, I followed along with a second camera, and tweaked the footage a bit. Probably 5 seconds made it into the real commercial.


But that’s not the robot section.


I’m a big fan of WOOT! , a funky website that sells one item a day until it’s sold out. It’s got a great fan base, and uses humor and really oddball connections to sell their wares, which is usually geeky to some degree. But when the Woot-Off happens, its every man for himself.


The holy grail of the Wootoff is the Bag of Crap. Think a mystery bag… for one penny, you can get a lot of crap. A little crap, or some real expensive crap. Some people have gotten huge LCD TVs, hundreds of bags of air, or a can opener. Totally random, which makes it like honey for someone as cheap and gullible as I am. I have yet to get one, but made it to the sales page last year before their servers crashed on the traffic.


So – the last wootoff, I bought Elvis. Or at least his upper torso. The people who make those Dancing Robots and Dinos actually licensed ‘The King’ for a special edition bust that not only sings, does stage patter, and has IR sensors so it’ll just start talking at you when you’re in the room. And the face is pretty creepy too. So creepy, I haven’t unboxed it yet. He stares at me through the plastic, beckoning me to open him. So far I have resisted.


I did look up what it can do on the internet. Here. Here. And some guys here are turning Elvis into a Terminator. Freaky. So I’m a little frightened to let him out, now that I know his true potential. 

I’ll let you know how things turn out when he escapes sees the light of day again.


Aside: The open of the video has us on top of a dumpster in the back of WHEB by the radio tower. I needed a low angle to use the blue sky as a chromakey – you can see the clouds peak through occasionally.


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