Peyote Man – The Musical

Pat pretends to wear a straight jacket by reversing a lab coat.


We had a lot of fun at this gig. It started out as a simple student project, and snowballed into a live to tape show with a studio audience, a live band, and lots of American chop suey courtesy of my mom.

My favorite part of this show wasn’t the show… it was the stupid Bert and Ernie puppets we took with us. From the start, where Pat did a puppet show with unprintable captions through the car window towards a bunch of preteens on the highway, to the hallways and edit rooms during show prep, those damn puppets were everywhere, and funny as hell.

We brought a video camera with us to capture behind the scenes shots for BENT! our local access show. I’m thinking we can use them as bumpers or filler bits or something. But that raw footage ended up being funnier than the show – and the show was wasn’t too shabby either. Enjoy.

Extra: At the end, Scott Mercer is at the beach house attempting to eat my favorite concoction at the time – Rice, Bologna, scrambled eggs with a side of ketchup. Carb heaven for the cost conscious!

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