Lowbrow humor beats thought provoking material every time.

Belch Soda – The Beach House –  Plum Island, MA 1991


I remember one weekend Mark Haskins came visiting the beach house – One of the things I’d subject my friends to when they arrived was to do some skit or bit on video, which we’d eventually edit to tape for the TV show. This one was cursed from the beginning.

I remember that no audio came out for that entire day of shooting. Something with a bad mic cord, or something.. but we didn’t find out until we got to the studio. I didn’t want to waste a day of shooting, so we thought..”Hell, let’s loop the dialog”. Yeah that’ll work.


Looping is basically recording yourself repeating the words you had said on the video again, becasue something went awry with the original shoot. Maybe a truck went by, or someone farted off camera, but it’s generally used for one or 2 lines if you want to save the footage.


We tried to do it with the whole skit.. and since we didn’t have a script, we couldn’t remember what we actually said. After a bit, we realized it didn’t really matter what we said… or of the lips matched. It actually was funnier if it didn’t – It had a strange chop-socky look to it, since it was badly dubbed, but with the original actors. We also couldn’t do a decent belch on camera, so we bought a 6 pak and tried to do them in the studio… it took awhile. A case later, we had some decent sounds, but weren’t in much shape to use them.


Personal Favorite: In the fade out someone says ‘I wish I had a life’ – that made me laugh. Enjoy.

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One Response to “Lowbrow humor beats thought provoking material every time.”

  1. horstschultz Says:

    Ahh, belching repeatedly into a mic for comedy. Good times. I later parlayed what I learned that day into a somewhat successful low-budget film career. Look for me in “Belchin'”, “Belchin’ 2: The Next Beer”, and “The Nefarious Gas of Doctor Kegenheimer!”. I’m pretty sure they never made it to DVD, but I’m sure you can still find Betamaxes on Ebay.

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