Time travel and other quirks of fate…

I Saw Her Standing There – The Butties Silver Anniversary concert – Magic Mountain, VT – July 12, 2008

If you went up to Paul McCartney in 1966 and told him that his music would be played by thousands of bands every night in 40 years, he’d say you’re crazy, and then proceed to call security on your ass – but in a very nice British manner.

Flash forward to 2008 – an old friend from SU, Mark Humble, had mentioned that his band ‘The Butties’ was playing their 25th anniversary show in VT last weekend, and I had wanted to go visit. I hadn’t seen Mark in over 20 years… I think the last time was in his backyard, watching him doubled over in laughter in a lawn chair, while listening to a tape that Scott and I had subjected him to during one of our summer road trips.

I ended making it to the gig, and dragged along the usual 80 pounds of video gear to document the event. It was a fun night. Here’s some YouTube links to a few rough cuts of their tunage. I’ll ramble on with thoughts from the show at a later date, but wanted to post the clips for the band and their fans to view. Enjoy.   

Yer Blues  Lovely Rita  We Can Work It Out  This Boy

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