The Flash of inspiration – and what to do when it hides out of reach…


Your Meat Team

Your Meat Team



Mr. Bungdropper – The Boffo Yux Dudes – 1985

 MP3: Mr. Bungdropper – click to download – Mouseover to play

Sometimes, inspiration just hits with a fully formed thought – other times, it’s a glimmer of an idea, and it takes some coaxing to come out and play.


Then you have something like Mr. Bungdropper, and it brings in all sorts of Freudian images that are quite rude and obnoxious. 


This one started when Jim Rising, Morning guy at WHEB-FM in Portsmouth, NH in the mid 80’s, Late 80’s and again in the early 90’s, showed us a one sheet for ‘The Bungdropper’. It was a true industrial tool used in the production of meat. Other than the name was funny in itself, we quickly figured what trouble people could get into using such a fine quality device where they shouldn’t.  Add the Ronco / As Seen on TV appeal of such a product, you can see where this is going.


The center to this aural entity was the sound of the bungdropper itself. We knew it had to make you laugh, but be a little uncomfotable at the same time. I think we ended up with a latex glove being pulled off with some backwards vocal sounds… It’s tough to describe, but when you hear it, it fits the bit perfectly.

The female lead is Jim’s co-host, Fran Lane – who voiced many of our funnier bits, as well as having an announcer / voice over business – she’s available for commercials as well.  Enjoy.

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