It’s the little things that make a big difference…

Mark Humble between sets singing ‘Blackbird’ – Magic Mountain VT – July 2008


I was standing next to Mark Humble in between sets at the Butties Silver Anniversary tour show at Magic Mountain VT, and 2 girls came up to him. They said they were fans, has seen the band play for years, and were hoping Mark would play ‘Blackbird’. He politely declined – they had 77 songs all picked out, and I’m guessing with the set up and technical issues on some of the songs, you really have to do the set in that sequence.

The girls said it was a shame, because they loved it when he sang it last year, and they were hoping to hear him do it again.

Mark paused for a second, and then said… ‘If you stay until the end of the concert, I’ll play it for you then.’ The girls were very excited, and let him prepare for the second set.

Now, I had just watched the band play a great set – the last time I saw them play was literally 25 years ago, and they’ve all grown as musicians since then. But it struck me that after all that time, they’re very appreciative of the fans who have been coming for the last 10 years to Vermont to set them play. Pictures, autographs, anything. They’re just happy to play for people – even after all this time.

So, it wasn’t a surprise that before the 3rd set started, Mark picked up his guitar and started doing a solo rendition of ‘Blackbird’ for the 2 girls – they were feet away from him as he played. Half way through, Paul saw what he was doing, and started to add the bird sounds and other effects in the background. By the time he was finished, the band had taken their positions on stage, and the girls had a memory that they’ll keep for a long time.

It’s the little things that make the difference… and in that minute, the those fans felt like they were the only ones in the house…

Here’s a little piece of the magic. Enjoy.

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