Will the Real Tommy G please stand up?

Tom Gleisner (The Australian Tommy G) attempting to sell cars – Melbourne, Aust. – 1990’s

Tommy G (The Real Tommy G) selling cars as well – Plum Island. MA – 1990s

There’s a long story attached to this re-meeting of the minds – I tracked down an old friend in Australia I’ve never met last week. Confused? – the story is after the break.

I came across a videotape I made in the late 1980’s, and it made me smile. Mainly because it was the result of a total chance internet email connection from around the world in 1990.

I used to run an old style BBS, or Bulletin Board System, out of my house I rented on Plum Island. It was dial up, and you literally would be connected to my old 286 PC where you could leave messages, browse games, and generally be a computer geek like myself. One of the neighboring BBS’s had an internet connection, and a e-mail portal to Australia. That’s where the fun begins.

I didn’t know anyone in Austrailia, but thought it was cool you could send a note there for nothing. So I started a conversation with someone, who was convinced that I was the doppleganger of another Tommy G in Melbourne. The similarities were quite striking.

He worked in morning radio with a group of friends. – I had just done that at WJPZ, and was working at WHEB producing comedy bits.

He was starting a video series on the local TV channel with those friends – I had started ‘Bent!’ on access cable with my pals.

It started getting freaky when we connected with each other and swapped tapes – some of his material was strikingly similar in a few of the skits. Very freaky.

So, somewhere along the time we were doing the BYD ‘Live at the Grog’ show, I decided to edit what it was like in the USA for him to see… basically a day in the life, with us hamming it up. He sent back a tape of the best of his late show, and we did chat long distance once before we lost addresses in a move. I haven’t heard from him in 15 years – but since I’m starting to do the things I always never got back to now, I decided to try and find him. He’s been a bit of a busy beaver, according to Wikipedia and IMDB.

I did a search and did find him last week. He’s now an author and also keeping busy writing and producing tv shows and movies. His latest is called The Hollowmen – looks quite cool, even though many local references on us are lost – think the US version of The Office meets The West Wing, with a little Jimmy Kimmel in there as well.

He also produced this series – ‘Thank God You’re Here‘ – it’s a improv skit show, where comedians get thrust into a scene with actors, but no idea what it’s about, and have to come up with something off the cuff… ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ with the twist that everyone else is in on the joke but you. 

Check them out if you get a chance. Now I feel like I have to get off my ass and produce something for a change… At least I’ve mastered ‘The Butties 25th Anniversary Tour – Set One’ finally… 

I think I might have found the motivation to bring a few new projects on the front burner again…


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    […] first skit was detailed here in an earlier post with the my freakish Australian doppleganger Tommy G. Love his stuff too. Some day we’ll meet, and I hope that some geeky matter/antimatter thing […]

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