Elvis on the Run – The IRS version

Elvis tries to do the right thing – The IRS Help Line call – 1991

Elvis and the IRS – Click to download

In one of our return trips back working at WHEB-FM, we happened to rejoin during a time of transition – The current Program Director and Morning Guy, Jeff Left, was moving on, and we were told a high caliber morning guy would be coming in to replace him. In the end, they chose Bob Wolf.

Let me make this clear – Bob is a great guy and friend – he’s talented, and does an awesome morning show. But when we were tossed together, we tried, but kept butting heads in getting something that worked. Afterwords, we found out management was telling him to do the exact opposite of what we knew was working… and he was caught in the middle of it. We tried to make a go of it, but after they limited our character bits, and then our production segments, we knew there wasn’t much left there to try, and we moved on to EJ’s Salisbury studio to continue our syndication work, leaving behind ‘The Fox and the Wolf’ to morning show history.

One thing we did do – mainly in desperation – was phony phone calls – Bob used them as a staple of his show, so we tried a few off the cuff… but of course, we couldn’t just do a simple prank and then hang up. Instead, we’d try to do stuff like have Pat do his Elvis, and try and call Manuel Noriega just after the rigged election, but before the invasion. We called Lloyds of London as Jack Nicholson attempting to insure his wiener for a million bucks. And we did this one…

Elvis calling the IRS help line, trying to turn himself in.

I can’t believe how natural this all progressed, and also that the fact we figured out exactly when Elvis would be eligible for Social Security before the call. That fact came in very handy.


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