Tennessee & Chumley Worship the Devil – YouTube edition

Since I just found out the links have been very flaky for the audio archives since day one, I decided to post this old chestnut on YouTube so people actually have a shot of hearing it this time.

Some background – all the voices on this skit are done by Pat. The Devil, Mr. Whoopie, Stanley, Chumley & Tennessee – all him. I made him do each character separately, so I could overlap them in spots, but it was all chopped together manually on reel to reel tapes, with some overdubs where the Devil causes total carnage in the background by the WHEB-FM cart machines.

This was one of several skits we did using the characters… one of the most freaky ones involved them each doing impressions of each other. Hearing Chumley trying to do an impression of Stanley and Phineas J. Whoopee got to Salvatore Dali levels of surreal. I’ll have to dig that one up soon.  

The only other full skit that comes to mind was the one where Chumley needs to fornicate, and ends up finding a partner – an inflatable concubine, who he tries to pass off as his sister from Des Moines to Stanley. It gets weirder from there. I’m not sure when I’ll liberate that one from the archives…



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3 Responses to “Tennessee & Chumley Worship the Devil – YouTube edition”

  1. rockn4jesus Says:

    You really need Jesus He loves you so do I

  2. scottmercer Says:

    Proselytizing comment spam! I love it!

    Yes, Pat is a genius. The characters doing impressions of each other reminded me of an example I often bring up to demonstrate what a genius Mel Blanc was. There’s one cartoon which has Daffy and Porky playing detectives in Hong Kong for some reason, I think it was a parody of some current movie blockbuster. At one point he has to do Daffy, while drunk, doing an impression of Porky doing an impression of an old Chinese woman.

    10+ on the difficulty scale. The Swiss judge approves.

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