Cheezy Beer couple from the 80’s

Not quite the couple I'm talking about...

Anyone remember those cheezy Molsen Beer commercials that came out in the mid 80’s. The radio spots were everywhere. The basic premise was a couple on a date, flirting while extolling the virtues of this high quality Canadian beer no one had ever heard of. Very annoying.

We tweaked this out with the help of Lori D. from WHEB-FM – her recent birthday got me off my ass to put it on Bandcamp. Happy Birthday, Lori! More after the break.

Kudos to Brad Lowry – On our old comedy TV show ‘Newswatch’ , he did a bit with the germ of the idea – and the the fact it was made from ‘Fine Quality Canadian Moles’. This was before the romantic campaign came out, and we did a few radio versions using that obnoxious romantic couple that was all the rage in 1987. This version made it on to the ‘Stays Funny..’ cassette, and was on Dr. Demento a few times.

BTW – I’m putting up mp3’s a few at a time on Bandcamp – eventually releasing the whole catalog on iTunes, but for now, it’s free or a donation to grab them – but you should be able to play them all for free. You can see them all (so far) at

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