Jonny Quest Toothpaste and other anomalies

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Another track from ‘Stays Funny…Even in Milk’ by the Boffo Yux Dudes

Back in the 80’s there was a series of cool comic book animation commercials for Crest Toothpaste. The evil Cavity Creeps would try and break into Toothopolis, but would be thwarted by the Crest Team of kids and their magic toothpaste. The animation was very Marvel/Kirbyesque, and different than most of the other styles of animation out there. They also had a cool siren that went ‘CREST… CREST… CREST’


We had to do a bit about it. The only joke we had was really more an observation on highbrow humor. It was a stand up comedian telling an audience of history scholars that the Romans Empire would still be around today if they only had Tartar Control Crest. One historian in the back would slap his knee, and then all you heard was the sound of crickets. Why? More after the break.

The highbrow Dennis Miller smart-alec answer was that the Barbarian Tartars wouldn’t have been able to defeat the crumbling Roman Empire if they only had this toothpaste to repel them. A long way to go for a not so funny joke.

Instead, we made it into a Jonny Quest parody with the theme of the commercial being the same as every plot of the cartoon series. It seemed natural, since we were fans of both, and I found the theme song on one of those TVT Toons cds. I remember it was a fun bit to produce with all the fx and still can’t remember if it was Pat or Scott doing the Bandit bark…  Enjoy.

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  1. boffoyuxdudes Says:

    Anyone have an idea why this pingback showed up?!D68497BBE8F67B3C!124.entry

    It’s almost as if it’s been translated into another language, then back to english. Very odd!

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