Punishing People Who Don’t Necessarily Deserve it

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

I’ve written more than my share of puns. Most of my fake news stories usually revolved around them. ‘Purely Coincidental’ thrived on them.  But the Frank and Al series was saturated with them. Scott and I started them one night producing bits for the Craz-y Morning Crew show on WJPZ. It must have been a late night recording session at their unfinished studio – someone had a funny bed of music, and after many grand slams at the local Denny’s, we had a script and a bit.

3 months later, it was picked up by the American Comedy Network, and our foray into syndicated radio was born.

We must have written 30 of the Frank and Al commercials. I remember doing a half dozen of them, but we sold a chunk of them to ACN over the course of the years. They preferred to voice the bits themselves, but I liked the monotone delivery and plain ludicrousness of Scott’s performance as Frank.

We also did this as a part of the BYD Grog show – Scott voiced the script while I tried to find the various veggies on a table and pitch them to the crowd. So by the time I got to ‘…If you Carrot all about your family, Peas, Lettuce serve you… we Relish the thought’, people were wondering when the hell the damn puns would stop. It’s a nice change to throw produce AT the audience.


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