Tiny Tim Sings The Flintstones

No, not that Tiny Tim....

No, not that Tiny Tim....

I always liked the ukulele. Something about that instrument, even though it’s sized like a toy, made me smile. I’m happy it was used for this skit that ended up on Dr. Demento in the late 80‘s.

Pat had one we used for a number of skits – and early on, while he was doing a Tiny Tim impression, we tried to think what was one of the most un Tiny-like song he could sing, other than something heavy metal.  This is what we came up with. Tiny’s reaction to the skit comes after the break.

This skit was one of the bits American Comedy Network picked up, as well as Dr. Demento played. ACN would send out updates on their weekly tapes of bits – that’s how we found out that one of the DJ’s set Tiny up by saying he had a tape of him singing the Flintstones. After he played it for him, Tiny got annoyed, and kept repeating that it wasn’t him… he never sang that song… that got the DJ going, and it went down from there…

Pat ended up doing a quickie impression for this – took one or two takes, and he played at the same time. Enjoy.

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