How to make someone snort out their breakfast at 6 am…

Doing a skit with Daniels & Webster at ROCK 107, Wilkes-Barre, PA.- late 1980's

I remember the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz talking to us while we were at Rock 107 at some early hour in the morning and he gave us a great compliment – we had just finished a live version of ‘The Scotsman’s Bag’, and he had heard it on the way over to the studio in the hotel van.

He said he literally choked on his breakfast he was laughing so hard.

That juiced up our egos a bit. This was one of our first gigs outside of New England, and he was the headliner that morning, thanks to Jim Rising, who was running the joint back in the late 80’s.  Rock 107 was in a huge building that also had a newspaper, and housed a studio with seating for an audience, just like one of those old time radio theaters. Very impressive.

We tried to think what would work for bits, since it had to work for a live audience as well as the radio listeners…

Elvis says, Eat an 'nother peanut butter an 'nanna sammwich'

We started with a round of ‘Elvis Says’ – Pat would go ‘Elvis says…. raise your right hand… Elvis says … pick up your shotgun and shoot the TV set. Pick up a groupie and a … you know — man — elvis didn’t say – you’re out!  Another skit was a live version of Luigi’s, with the SFX all done live using twigs, pots and pans, scraping metal spoons and hunks of cottage cheese. I’m sure the audio techs loved that one.

But the one people seemed to remember best was The Scotsman’s Bag. Pat owned a set of great bagpipes we used in a bunch of skits. He practiced in the winter on Plum Island on the beach behind my rental – mainly because no one would get pissed at the noise by the surf.


You thought I was kidding on the names of the parts, didn't you?

With parts named ‘Bag’, ‘Chanter’, and ‘Blowpipe’, you can tell where it’s headed, but I thought it built nicely to its inevitable conclusion. Enjoy.

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