My favorite skit I was never involved with…

Boffo Yux Dudes & Friends Pt. 2 – ‘Tommy G Used Cars’ and ‘Morris Weiderman Day’

I remember picking Mark Haskins up late one night and driving him somewhere –

I think it was NH to write a skit or go to the studio – and having a ball doing my impression of Pat doing a Tennessee and Chumley skit. Not because I knew the bit was funny, but because I had him in conniptions in the passenger seat, and I had to pause every few sentences so he could catch his breath.

Mark knows funny, and has a great laugh – and it felt good knowing if my lame impression of  Pat had this reaction, the finished version would probably send him into intensive care.

Mark wrote the 2nd skit in this video ‘ Morris Weiderman Day’.  I loved the way this one built up – you have no clue where it’s going, but you knew is was going to be a classic. I’d say it’s SNL material, but it didn’t have their ‘voice’ – SNL couldn’t pull this off. It’s more a Jackie Gleason style that’s been lost for a long time. And it totally came out of left field. It’s still one of my favorite bits, and I try and celebrate every April 11th. It’ll always be Morris Weiderman Day to me.

The first skit was detailed here in an earlier post with the my freakish Australian doppleganger Tommy G. Love his stuff too. Some day we’ll meet, and I hope that some geeky matter/antimatter thing doesn’t happen when we shake hands.


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