5 Minute Movie Classic – The Eyebrows of Orrin Foster

You gotta love those old Sci-Fi movies. they used to have a great Saturday Afternoon series on Channel 3 in Syracuse when I was a kid. The kind where the sports guy plays Dracula, but you only see his hand, and ‘Igor’ is the weather guy with a basketball under his smock. Have someone hit a sheet of metal while turning the lighting on and off, and you have a scary host intro to your movie!

I liked Mark and Bill’s version of this parody – lots of intentional continuity errors, cheap effects, and hammy acting. It was used as one of the segments for the BYD and Friends show, with Stephanie, Tom and I believe Jeremy Bill’s brother John helping out in the acting. I know I couldn’t have kept a straight face when Steph went ‘Gasp!’. Enjoy.

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One Response to “5 Minute Movie Classic – The Eyebrows of Orrin Foster”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Looking back at it now, I defintely see elements of “The Blob” and mainly “The Manster.” That’s a good one. Recommend it highly.

    Guy goes to Japan, gets injected with secret juice by evil scientist. Gets a rash on his shoulder that eventually turns into an eyeball, then grows into a second monster head on his shoulder!

    Easy one to get cheap, I am pretty sure it went into Public Domain due to a faulty copyright notice.

    Of course, there’s plenty of stilted dialog here worthy of Ed Wood or Phil Tucker.

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