3 is an Evil Number – Masters of Song Fu Entry

Someone got my goat. And now there's hell to pay.

3 is an Evil Number – Master of Song Fu #5 shadow entry

I’ve been interested in the Masters of Song Fu contests since early this year. A bunch of talented and creative people are butting heads trying to write the best songs in various challenges, with the winner getting the honor of writing head to head against ‘Masters’. Think Iron Chef for the songwriters out there.

In my head, I’m going – this is going to be easy. Block out a few hours, pound out a song, and send it in. Who cares if I have no musical talent, current working studio, or a clue how to do it?

I think I found out the hard way.  Luckily, Allan Morgan felt sympathy, and joined forces with me to create this entry into the fray. Al is one of the founders of Pop Machine, and co-founded the campus comedy show ‘Null and Void’ at Syracuse University – with BYD Scott Mercer.

(Check out Al’s 365 song blog – it’s full of 20 years worth of original music from Pop Machine, Mindflux, Osmium, and their movie soundtrack tunes.  And you can also check out the Pop Machine  best of CD on iTunes here)

In any case, I am now suitably humbled by the daunting task of writing and producing a song – and this one I consider a parody – it’s not even from scratch because of the source material.

If you get a chance, drop by the Masters of Song Fu board, and vote for your favorites – we’re not eligible in this one, but hoping to join the next one. And comment on the song – I’m wondering if people actually get it, or just think we’re devil worshiping pagans who have lousy rhyme and meter.


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2 Responses to “3 is an Evil Number – Masters of Song Fu Entry”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Hell, toupee!

  2. scottmercer Says:

    That electric piano always reminds me of The Guess Who.

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