12 years later, I STILL can’t play guitar…

I want to get invited to these parties!

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1981!

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Al, Dan and I wrote a song for the latest round of ‘Masters of Song Fu’, an ‘Iron Chef’ of  songwriting skills for bragging rights on the internet. We’d appreciate it if you’d go and check out the song after you’ve had some fun here, and vote for 5 deserving candidates.
If one of your votes happens to be The Boffo Yux Dudes, we won’t complain. But do check out the tunes. This group is very talented, and has been making some interesting creative choices with their interpretations of the rules.
Enough brown-nosing. Here’s the skinny on our song.
We had to write a song that doesn’t rhyme. At least 90 seconds. That’s the guidelines.
What the hell do you do with that?
Then I remembered a studio session with Dan Klass one day in the 80’s where we broke into WHEB-FM to do a demo tape. We riffed on a bunch of things, and did a song called ‘Jim’s Blues’, a stream of consciousness bit that replaced rhymes with similes improved on the fly.
I liked the way it built up, but we had nothing to do with it. So it stayed in the BYD vaults for 20 years, waiting to be mined for this round’s contest.
Al listened to the idea, and went off to write some lyrics that would fit the new song – but we needed a harp for it. Neither of us can play – so I contacted Dan to see if he still had the chops and a few moments to spare.
Danny is now a big time podcaster – he literally wrote the book on it. Between his avoiding jet airplanes while trying to write and produce his own material, we pounded on his door, asking him to drop everything so we can make the deadline. He had to steal back his harmonica out of his son Hudson’s mouth to do it, but he knew sacrifices must be made, and came through in the clutch. Thanks Dan.
(Plug for Dan) Dan has been sharing his conversational insights on 'The Bitterest Pill' 
for almost a decade now. For the last 5 years, he even has recorded them for
 podcast instead of just ranting them alone in his garage.
Much better for the rest of us. He just hit episode #201,
so I think he's onto something. Go check it out of you have a second
and join the club.

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One Response to “12 years later, I STILL can’t play guitar…”

  1. scottmercer Says:

    Hey! You guys didn’t come in last this time! Congrats! At this rate, you’ll win in only two or three more years. Rat own.

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