I’m Drawing a Blank here…

Quick - Everyone sing off key!

Getting a hoodie autographed for Abby with The Blanks

Caught the boys and their acapella show on Friday. Fun time.

Hadn’t seen George in 25 years, but did see Sam and Paul a few years ago at their Butties concert.  I’m hoping to shoot The Butties 2010 concert (27 years of continuous annual concerts!) in VT this July. More after the break.

In case they look familiar, The Blanks are ‘Ted’s Band’ from the TV Show ‘Scrubs’, where they were featured musicians for 9 years. They also do an amazing cover of ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Friday night we were discussing Sam’s Batman Costume, and the night he broke into the Student Government Association meeting at Syracuse University in the mid 80’s and gave his ‘Good Citizens‘ pep talk to the legislature. The funny thing is – Sam didn’t know BYD member Scott Mercer and I happened to be in SGA at the time.

Sam’s take on the story:

“We had made these cool Batman and Robin costumes for halloween, and wanted to use them for something else. So we (with Robin, portrayed by Mark Snelson) went to the student government meeting to be wacky.

At the door, someone came up to us and asked ‘Are you going in there?’ Afraid we were going to be busted, we sheepishly said, ‘Yes’.  The guy said – ‘Cool. Wait here. I’ll tell you when to come in.” Then we got the signal and went in around this half circle as this boring guy was finishing his speech, and praised the people for being Good Citizens. Everyone applauded,  and we high tailed it out of there.”

Another perspective from Scott Mercer on the subject:
“I’ll always remember the first time I met Sam was when he accosted the S.U. Student Government meeting in a Batman outfit and I forced him to wait in a room off to the side for a few minutes, until there was a lull in the proceedings, and his appearance in the room would create Maximum dramatic impact. Oh yeah, Robin was there too.

And it did create maximum impact. Funny stuff.”

I also didn’t realize George was there as an observer, helping them to make a clean getaway.

We were in The Common Man in Concord after the show on Friday with a bunch of staff from the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord NH, and I’m sure they thought we were nuts when we figured out we were all in the same place 26 years ago, laughing our asses off.

The Blanks are still on tour – They’ll be in Arlington, VA and Annapolis MD in June, NYC and New England in late August, and Raleigh, NC and Gettysburg PA in October.

Here’s a sample of the show. Enjoy.

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