I Went Back. Though I’m not really sure why.

Not the actual bird, but it's pretty close

Not the actual bird, but it's pretty close

I Went Back.

I’m not sure why I did, but I went back. And I hope it made a difference.

I wasn’t in the best of a mood. Long day at work, where little got finished. Schedules kept changing, I’d get part of one project done, and another demanded attention… so it ended up being a not quite satisfying day.

On the way home, I was stopped at a busy intersection. Two birds were flying, and one didn’t make it across. It fluttered like it was injured, but could still move, then dropped to the pavement, flopping while trying to avoid the passing traffic.

I thought about getting out of the car. There was traffic. There were people behind me. I rationalized I couldn’t do anything, and took a right, and headed home.

But it bothered me.

In the past I’d tried to save a bird, but it didn’t make it. They’re fragile creatures, and once they have a damaged wing, its hard for them to recover.

I got up to my driveway, and didn’t drive in. I turned around to go back.

I figured in the few minutes I was gone, the bird had either flown away or was hit by a car. I drove through the intersection, but didn’t see anything.  But something made me check. I pulled over, emptied a soda cup, and walked over to the road.

There on the road was a very small speck. It couldn’t have been an inch or two long. Cars continued to pass it, but none had hit it. Traffic stopped as I approached. It was a small bird. Just sitting there as tight as could be. I scooped it into the soda cup and headed home.

It was in total shock. Blinked its tiny eyes a little. It hardly moved at all, but didn’t look like it was hit.

I drove home.

I got in the driveway, parked, and set the bird on the front step I still haven’t repaired. There was some liquid that came out of the cup – probably soda, but I wouldn’t doubt it was more than that from what the bird had been through.

As I set it down, a small rabbit jumped from the front bush, and headed off into the woods.

The bird sat. It stared out, blinking, but not really moving.

I stepped inside to take the dog out to do its business. I came back to the bird.

The bird still sat. It’s legs looked fine, but since it still hadn’t really moved much, I couldn’t tell.

I went in and started dinner.

I came out a few minutes later, and the bird was in the same place. It seemed to have a bit of a slower heartbeat, and seemed content to just sit on the brick stairs.

After dinner, I went out to check. The bird was gone. Looks like it flew off.

That’s a good thing.

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One Response to “I Went Back. Though I’m not really sure why.”

  1. rockingjamboree Says:

    This is a good story. Maybe the bird was in shock and flew off. Maybe there’s a cat in your neighborhood. Either way, it’s a good story.

    It reminds me of a parable I read: A big storm had washed thousands of starfish up onto the beach. A little boy was going from one starfish to another, picking up the wriggling creatures and flinging them back into the waves. A man walks up to the boy and says, “There are too many starfish on the beach. You can’t throw them all back into the ocean. Y’know, you’ll never make a difference!”

    The boy bends down, picks up another starfish and tosses it back into the surf. He says, “Made a difference to that one!”

    Be well, stay safe and rock on!

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