Anyone with a Syracuse Connection – we need your thoughts.

My alternate career as a SFX modelmaker

Who knew Spielberg started this way?

Old and current Syracuse folks – We need your input. Al and I are doing a BYD song about my homewown, and need some background info on the Salt City that only the locals can dream up.

So go past the Dino BBQ and Heidi’s. Past the Syracuse Walk of Fame, and the 1500 versions of the Hotel Syracuse.

What makes CNY special to you? Blue Potatoes? Salt Potatoes? The old MONY building? Luigi’s? Harry Chapin at the Landmark? And why is it special?

I’m hoping to actually create a upbeat theme song for the city that’s not too sarcastic, if not nostalgic.

The song is due Midnight Sunday 10/10 and I’ll post links to it the next evening. Drop me a link, or comment here. Everyone has a great Syracuse story – from the Eggplant to seeing U2 at the City Limits or The Police at the Firehouse. What’s yours?

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