SpinTunes8 Reviews – Missing You (but remembering RC)

This round starts with a testimonial and remembrance to our lost friend RC, who passed away much too soon. Randy Christopher was SpinTunes 7 champion, and we gathered before the listening party to play some of his songs and say some thoughts about the man we never met, but knew nonetheless. Then we introduced the new round of songs with the challenge ‘Missing You’. Audio from the Listening Party with RC’s song can be found here.

I’m a little disappointed there haven’t been many people reviewing the songs for SpinTunes 8. Well, here’s my two cents on the 32 songs in this round. The gauntlet has been tossed!

You can listen to them all here or go to the doohicky link or click the lines to get the individual songs…
Dex01 – Monster
Love the grungy guitar. Reminds me a few early punk bands and echos of Boomtown Rats. Good effort on the production.

TurboShandy – Torchbearer
Good ballad. Like the vocal doubling on ‘Baby’. Solid effort.

Felix Frost – Cat’s Eye
Very eerie production values. You’ve  picked up your own ‘sound’ that’s recognizable. Interesting imagery.

Jutze – Nancy (Please Don’t Go)
I like the peppy beat, and the slow reveal to the ‘who’ of the song. Jaunty and rockin.

Jenny Katz – Secret Love Life
I like the jazzy groove and production of this. Jenny’s voice works well. The hint of strings underneath adds to the melancholy of the whole piece.

Dr. Lindyke – Why
Interesting reflective piece. Strong piano, and different hearing Dr. L. using drums more often. Nice job on this one.

Sara Parsons – Guilt
Pretty vocals counterpoint the words of loss. Good to see Sara writing more songs again.

Caravan Ray – Missing You
Upside down grunge. Extremely tasteless lyrics. I liked it a lot.

Ominous Ride – When I Lost You
Very ethereal production. Moody Bluesesque. Nice 12 string work.

Brian Gray – The Child I Left Behind
Bold choice to go acapella. Chuckled at ‘Pants on Fire’. Solo seemed to work well with the material.

Edric Haleen – On The Matter Of Bullying (Part 3)
Powerful piece. Nice collaboration. Stirring performance.

Ryan M. Brewer – Burn Out Or Fade Away (PSH)
Good Ballad. Piano supports the theme and mood well. I like your voice with this piece.

Army Defense – Phil And Don
I liked the trade off between the brothers, and the production changes between the early Everly brothers and a more 70’s technique in harmonies. Nice job putting their breakup into a song.

Jailhouse Payback – Hey Eugene
Nice guitar work. Looking for a connection to the Pink Martini’s song, but there might not be one.

Ross Durand – Sitting Right Here
Bittersweet ode to a mother-in-law slowly slipping away. Good counterpoint making it an upbeat ditty with the sad lyrics.

The Orion Sound featuring Microglitching – Without You (A Valentines Stalker Song Sequel)
The 2nd sequel song this round. Interesting operetta storyline. Tho the ‘It was all a dream’ is a little off for an end, the imagery is kinda funny and harsh.

James Young – Never Coming Home
Love the guitar work. Simple yet complimentary. Nice solo.

Zoe Gray – Ginger Twins
Nice lament from one brother to another after a battle. Your voice fits the haunting thoughts the Weasleys had in the aftermath of Voldemort’s final battle. I liked ‘The Joke’s on me’ since that was the shop they ran together.

T.C. Elliott – Broken Mind
Grungy guitar goes well with the warped mind in the song. Counterpoint of Steel guitar in the solo worked well. Hint of backing vocals fit nice.

Trader Jack – Doom Dah
Interesting ramble. Made me snicker in a few places, but needed a little something to bring it together. Otherwise it’s just a crazy guy with no purpose.

Adam Sakellarides – Right Place, Wrong Time (The Time Traveller)
Takes a bit to get to the chorus, but has a nice groove. I like the story of love lost before it even happens. Has a Jonathan Coulton vibe to it.

The Boffo Yux Dudes – Dead Wrong
What is this crap. Lousy song. These guys should be shot.

Menage a Tune – The Box Feeling
2nd acapella tune this round. Interesting song about loss and remeberence looking at photos…

Sid Brown – Who You Used To Be
Song builds well. Sad tune on the loss of another. I like the guitar work.

Taylor R – Missing You
Love lost and on a plane to Australia. Good grungy guitar. Vocals a little pitchy. Nice effort.

Spencer Sokol – Burdens
Multilevel song about accidents, loss of life and faith, and how things fade away. I liked some of the interesting wordplay. Nice to hear Spencer back in the saddle again!

Wait What (the Band) – Without You Here
Once again, I laugh in spite of myself. The dick jokes come fast and furious. Literally.

Governing Dynamics – Song To Stay Awake (700 Miles)
A song about loss and regret. Guitars keep the mood of hopelessness and loss of redemption moving forward. I like you snuck in some keyboards as well.

Hudson And Day – I Tried, Okay
Hmm. Funky experimental art piece. Like the idea but a little hard to pick out the lyrics without the words. Might have been stronger if you did a call and response instead of singing on top of each other…

Heather Miller – Greatest Generation (Shadow)
Sad this one was delayed and became a shadow. A song of rememberence and respect for someone gone. Liked the story of trying to show respect to one’s elders you care for.

T.C. Elliott – Will You Run Away With Me, My Love (Shadow)
T.C.’s second song this round. Forlorn love and lost dreams. Good guitar work.

Andy Glover – What’s Making Me Sad (Shadow)
Upbeat song on love lost. Nice counterpoint to the words. Flows together well…

Overall a strong round. Looking forward to Round 2!


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