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Elementary, Dear Watson. BYD is on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians!

February 13, 2011
At least we're 'Radio' active!

Bohrium? You have to be kidding me!

The Boffo Yux Dudes on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians!

We were honored with a position on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians tonight. It’s not only a place in history, it’s also a way to generate funds for one of Dave Leigh’s charity endeavors, Rite Care. I’ll let him talk about it.


I’m Dave Leigh, aka the vocal half of the songwriting team Dr. Lindyke. While not programming or writing songs, I also spend a portion of my free time supporting a charity called Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disabilities. Rite Care provides speech and language therapy to pre-school children without regard to race, creed, or the family’s inability to pay. It’s funded entirely by members of the Scottish Rite through various fund-raising projects (not all of which are as harebrained as this one).


So there are two BYD items up on the site if you’re interested in helping out Rite Care –

The Chapeau of the cereal minded

Click to get the hat - All the profits go towards Rite Care

Or you can choose this lovely T-shirt

Stays Funny - Even in Milk

The 1st Boffo Yux Dudes release on a T-shirt. Click here to buy one.

Thanks to Dave for including us in his worthy endeavor, and I’m hoping more artists will be joining us soon!

I met some new friends the other day.

November 3, 2010

Note: This didn’t start to be a name dropping exercise. It just ended up that way so I could explain the convoluted path that my life has taken the last few days.

I met some new friends the other day. I went to W00tstock Boston with a video camera, and was invited to shoot some backstage footage as well as cover the event. 6 hours and 57 Gigs later, I’m coming out the other side of a fun time with some very gracious people, who I now know a little better. Hopefully they won’t file restraining orders the next time we meet.

I’ll post more on the backstage hi-jinx soon (I still have to do #NaNoWriMo as well) But here’s a taste of the last few days and two people I met that impressed me. They’re both twisty path stories about Marian Call and Marc Abrahams.

I hadn’t heard about Marian until a few months ago. (more…)

How to make someone snort out their breakfast at 6 am…

October 22, 2009

Doing a skit with Daniels & Webster at ROCK 107, Wilkes-Barre, PA.- late 1980's

I remember the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz talking to us while we were at Rock 107 at some early hour in the morning and he gave us a great compliment – we had just finished a live version of ‘The Scotsman’s Bag’, and he had heard it on the way over to the studio in the hotel van.

He said he literally choked on his breakfast he was laughing so hard.

That juiced up our (more…)

You were in town and didn’t tell me? – A Letter to Dave Barry

October 12, 2009

Some people just never call...

Some people just never call...


You neglected to tell me you were in town last week with Steve Martin. Sad. I missed it.

Maybe you misplaced my e-mail. Even though you’ve never met me, I’m quite famous in my own mind.

Many people have it. In fact, I’ve heard some make a fortune sending it to Nigeria.

I guess I’ll have to remind you my blog is at as well.

I know, you’re busy with your pseudo retirement, but it’s nice to drop me a line once in a while. Just because I randomly connected with you after Googling ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’, when I was actually was looking for a pirate picture for the blog is no excuse for you to not communicate.

Just sayin’.

Best of luck with the new book.

The book is 46% off at In stores Tuesday!

The book is 46% off at In stores Tuesday!

Tom Giarrosso

boffoyux at

Cheezy Beer couple from the 80’s

September 20, 2009

Not quite the couple I'm talking about...

Anyone remember those cheezy Molsen Beer commercials that came out in the mid 80’s. The radio spots were everywhere. The basic premise was a couple on a date, flirting while extolling the virtues of this high quality Canadian beer no one had ever heard of. Very annoying.

We tweaked this out with the help of Lori D. from WHEB-FM – her recent birthday got me off my ass to put it on Bandcamp. Happy Birthday, Lori! More after the break. (more…)

Robot Elvis and the Senior Citizen Lobby

July 1, 2008

Elvis – Used Car Salesman


This car lot was right across from Heavenly Donuts in Haverhill. A friend, Dave, hired Pat to do a bit for a real used car commercial.. so if course, I followed along with a second camera, and tweaked the footage a bit. Probably 5 seconds made it into the real commercial.


But that’s not the robot section.


I’m a big fan of (more…)

The laugh is on me.

February 19, 2008

Sam Lloyd on ScrubsSam Lloyd

A few months ago, I realized that Sam Lloyd – member of The Butties – a Beatles tribute band – was actually Ted on Scrubs. My tenuous connection – I drove the van to get their equipment to a gig in Liverpool, NY, and worked with Mark Humble, another member of the band in morning radio. The Butties lgoWe’ve been watching all the old episodes on Comedy Centeral via TiVo, and something clicked… so while my wife and daughter are watching the show, I use the handy dandy internet and see, yes it is someone I know that’s been on TV.  The other ‘celebrity’ was Mr. Dan Klass of the last post, who has had bit parts on several network shows and a few commercials. So I’m excited to tell them that an old acquaintance is now found… and  I get back…’Was everyone in your class bald?’  Ouch.  Then she follows it with,  “You’re just mad because you didn’t think of it first.”  Slam DunkTwo points

Desperate.. but not serious. (The Adam Ant remix)

February 17, 2008
The Bitterest Pill - pins and swag for the upcoming revolution

Podcaster and semi-crony Dan Klass is now expanding his empire and offering a premium service on top of his pithy rants and raves under the LA airport inbound traffic. Check out his free stuff on The Bitterest Pill , then fork over the $4 to get the premium stuff.    I did.    I need some other saps   fine fellows to join me so I don’t feel snookered lost in the wilderness of side splitting laughter.

Welcome to the Retro Future!

February 10, 2008

It’s been percolating like a fine wine, but 20 years later, it’s back on the web. Welcome to the Boffo Yux Dudes new blog – where the latest info, swag, and multimedia chortles will reside. I’ll also be linking to like minded cronies you might want to take a gander at, as well as putting up the BYD archives for you to pillage. Feel free to pass them around, but please include the links so people can find us. It’s tough enough eating cardboard for 2 decades. We’d like to get a few shekles to upgrade to fruit salad occasionally. Thank you for your attention. You are now free to roam about the cabin.