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BYD now has a tumblr account at . Share the love.

January 15, 2011

I gotta get a better camera. The pinhole on this one is screwed up.

As we continue to overthrow the internet overlords one person at a time, here’s the link to our Tumblr account

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Thank you.



In case you missed it, I started something new

January 8, 2011
Move it Hersey, it's my desk now!

Hard at work on the blog, manual style.

Yes, I did. I may be crazy, but I’ve started the BYD365 Comedy Experiment. I’m hoping to average at least a bit a day for the whole year. It started under the radar last week, and I’ve been slowly stockpiling posts.

Drop on over there and subscribe to the RSS feed. I’ll be raiding the archives and posting new material there uberfrequently. (Is that a word?)