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3 is an Evil Number – Masters of Song Fu Entry

December 5, 2009

Someone got my goat. And now there's hell to pay.

3 is an Evil Number – Master of Song Fu #5 shadow entry

I’ve been interested in the Masters of Song Fu contests since early this year. A bunch of talented and creative people are butting heads trying to write the best songs in various challenges, with the winner getting the honor of writing head to head against ‘Masters’. Think Iron Chef for the songwriters out there.

In my head, I’m going – this is going to be easy. Block out a few hours, pound out a song, and send it in. Who cares if I have no musical talent, current working studio, or a clue how to do it?

I think I found out the hard way.  Luckily, Allan Morgan felt sympathy, and (more…)

What if Evil came over to babysit?

October 19, 2009
Evil incarnate always carries a pitchfork and a rubber chicken...

Evil incarnate always carries a pitchfork and a rubber chicken...

Mr. B and the Kid

What if Evil came over to babysit? That was the entire premise of this bit. My nephew Kevin was a year or so old, so I used him in the starring role. I don’t know if his mom ever told him he faced evil incarnate with a laugh and a grin. He’s now in his 20s and recently started a Microbrewery. I’ve heard it’s quite good stuff.

As for the skit – I don’t think this was scripted at all, we just had the doorbell and the baby sounds and winged it from there. One take, a few SFX overdubs, and it’s as you hear it for posterity.


Tennessee & Chumley Worship the Devil – YouTube edition

January 20, 2009

Since I just found out the links have been very flaky for the audio archives since day one, I decided to post this old chestnut on YouTube so people actually have a shot of hearing it this time.

Some background – all the voices on this skit are done by Pat. The Devil, Mr. Whoopie, Stanley, Chumley & Tennessee – all him. I made him do each character separately, so I could overlap them in spots, but it was all chopped together manually on reel to reel tapes, with some overdubs where the Devil causes total carnage in the background by the WHEB-FM cart machines.

This was one of several skits we did using the characters… (more…)

We Love Cartoons – Tennesee Tuxedo Worships the Devil

June 10, 2008

Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley

MP3: Tennesse Tuxedo Worships the Devil – click to download – Mouseover to play

We love cartoons. Especially the voices. I know I tried to do many of the characters by Daws Butler, Paul Winchell and Mel Blanc, and failed miserably. However, Pat does have a knack for it, while my forte is more the technical side. It was that good match that made this skit possible, since it’s literally spliced line for line on a reel to reel – we didn’t have access to multitrack recording at the time, just 2 reel to reels and a few cart machines. So, after cutting the characters together, and laying down sound FX onto another generation of tape, this was the final result.

Today we could do this in an hour or so.