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Pop goes the weasel ’cause the weasel goes pop!

November 26, 2009

Hollywood Weasel pulls the Green Light – Phil’s Filthy Stories – Boffo Yux Dudes & Friends at Syracuse University

Bill’s thoughts on this sketch he did with Mark Haskins…

“I think I wrote this sketch because I was reading “Final Cut” by Steven Bach, about the making of Heaven’s Gate. Also, the joke that most people laugh at in this sketch is the “full scale model of Planet Earth,” which was *ahem* “inspired” by a very similar Steven Wright joke”

I always thought branding ‘failure’ on the child’s forehead because he kept forgetting his lines was a fitting punishment…

Also, The first ‘Phil’s Filthy Stories‘ skit’ is tagged on this video – We shot this in a bathroom at New England Community College one summer. I always liked this bit – we wrote a bunch of them, but only a few made it to video. Somehow, when Tom’s voice goes up an octave, you get the feeling there might be some truth to the stories after all…


Never Trust a Plumber Named Phil…

April 26, 2008

Phil’s Filthy Stories #2

It’s very strange that the 2 Phil skits have the most hits out of all the ones posted in the last few months.

It might have something to do with the tags ‘sex’ and ‘filthy’, but who am I to judge…

Strike that – Greg’s ‘How to be a Rock Star’ was mentioned on ‘Greg and the Morning Buzz‘ – so without a blog entry, that one in 2 hours has been seen more than anything else… gotta love the viral power of the Internet.

Melons and Cucumbers and Humor, oh my!

March 2, 2008

 Here’s a glimpse at one of the hidden segments we never quite knew what to do with – Phil’s Filthy Stories. This one started in radio – I think we did 2 or 3 – then we shot 2 in a bathroom at Northern Essex Community College one day, where we also did a bunch of Speculation Theater opens and closes, and a few more skits… my memory is foggy on just what we shot that day. Phil, our host and local plumber, somehow has a show in the bathroom where he accosts people to tell them their filthy, sex starved stories to an unmanned camera.  Humor ensues. A couple notes – the opening bumper was Pat and Mark Haskins doing yet another Bert and Ernie skit, which usually involved various implements  being used on Bert.  Mark had a hard time keeping a straight face with the deadpan rude stuff coming out of the Ernie puppet. I’ll have to dig up the outtakes… damn funny. Pat and I introduced that show from the set of ‘The Movie Loft‘ on WSBK-TV-38 in Boston.  We had a cool gig there for years doing Voice Overs and tags for all their children show promos .. ‘GhostBusterrrrrrrrs! Today at 4 on TV-38!’ It was cool my mom could hear us in Syracuse, thanks to TV-38’s ‘Superstation’ status, they were actually on cable channels in NY and New England…We’re sitting near the desk and the spiral staircase.