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Cheezy Beer couple from the 80’s

September 20, 2009

Not quite the couple I'm talking about...

Anyone remember those cheezy Molsen Beer commercials that came out in the mid 80’s. The radio spots were everywhere. The basic premise was a couple on a date, flirting while extolling the virtues of this high quality Canadian beer no one had ever heard of. Very annoying.

We tweaked this out with the help of Lori D. from WHEB-FM – her recent birthday got me off my ass to put it on Bandcamp. Happy Birthday, Lori! More after the break. (more…)

The Flash of inspiration – and what to do when it hides out of reach…

July 23, 2008


Your Meat Team

Your Meat Team



Mr. Bungdropper – The Boffo Yux Dudes – 1985

 MP3: Mr. Bungdropper – click to download – Mouseover to play

Sometimes, inspiration just hits with a fully formed thought – other times, it’s a glimmer of an idea, and it takes some coaxing to come out and play.


Then you have something like Mr. Bungdropper, and it brings in all sorts of Freudian images that are quite rude and obnoxious. 


This one started when Jim Rising, Morning guy at WHEB-FM in Portsmouth, NH in the mid 80’s, Late 80’s and again in the early 90’s, showed us a one sheet for ‘The Bungdropper’. It was a true industrial tool used in the production of meat. Other than the name was funny in itself, we quickly figured what trouble people could get into using such a fine quality device where they shouldn’t.  Add the Ronco / As Seen on TV appeal of such a product, you can see where this is going. (more…)

Lowbrow humor beats thought provoking material every time.

July 11, 2008

Belch Soda – The Beach House –  Plum Island, MA 1991


I remember one weekend Mark Haskins came visiting the beach house – One of the things I’d subject my friends to when they arrived was to do some skit or bit on video, which we’d eventually edit to tape for the TV show. This one was cursed from the beginning. (more…)

Mr. T. Head Bank – Crushing the competition

May 7, 2008

Mr. T. Head Bank crushes a cauliflower in Slow Motion


This quickie happened because I had that damn bank hanging around the house for years, and I wanted to do something with it in a skit. That ‘egg in a frying pan’ ad was in vogue, so we did a parody of it. We also put it in one of the Pop Machine videos as a non-sequitur. Silly, surreal and Slow Motion. What not to like?

With the power of the internet, I put it up on You Tube this morning. Before I went to work, it had started it’s viral run through the either without any links. I’ll make a connection to here and Digg, and see what happens when I get home. How much you want to bet it’ll be at 1000 hits by dinner?


Used Cars and the rubes who own them…

March 9, 2008

We did this for an early BENT! episode – my neighbor on Plum Island owned this lot outside my rental cottage, and it was ripe for some sort of skit.. this was the result. Fun Facts: The AMC was Mark and Joy’s actual car. We had done a bunch of skits that day on the beach – I used to declare ‘Mental Health Day on Fridays during the summer, and try and get friends to blow off work to come up to the beach. When they got there, I’d cajole them to do some video bits. Small price to pay for a day on the sand. Occasionally they’d actually result in a funny one, like this.