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Christmas Songs you probably won’t hear on the radio – Part 2 – ‘The Ballad of Big Red’ by Pop Machine

December 9, 2010

Another song that hasn’t received the accolades it should – this ditty by Pop Machine entitled ‘Big Red’. I thought crossing the country CB genre with the holidays would be an interesting mix. Scott Mercer belts out the vocals better than C.W. McCall, and the theme of saving Christmas reverberates for all to enjoy, with Al, Scott and Dave providing the melodic symphony behind him.

Pop Machine doing their best Shields & Yarnell Impression

Click HERE to reach Allan Morgan’s amazing 365 Music Project – and

Click HERE to listen to ‘Ballad of Big Red’


An LA Subway moment…

April 20, 2008

Scott in a moment of absurdity – part of the reel of random humor sent during the time he was organizing the show ‘More than a Burrito’. or was it ‘4 for a Burrito’? 

There were a bunch of funky skits in there, and lots of raw tape if I remember correctly. The world’s longest joke was in there as well… I thought that was quite creative. I’ll have to find that one.  Enjoy.