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The Pirates Walk the Plank

October 13, 2009
Walking the Plank isnt as easy as it looks...

Walking the Plank isn't as easy as it looks...

Scott and I had a lot of fun at WJPZ in Syracuse, NY.  We each had DJ shifts, but when the station finally went to FM from a blank cable channel, we decided to join in with the gaggle of funny folks and co-produce the first ‘Cray-Z Morning Crew’ in 1985. Produce was the key word.

We had 30+ people working the weekday morning show with us. A half dozen DJ’s, a dozen news and a dozen sports reporters all on staggered shifts – it was chaos, yet somehow still organized. It also allowed us to spend most evenings thru the wee hours creating bits, promos, segments and style elements for the ‘All New’ Z-89.

One of the characters we created were ‘The Pirates’ – a crew from the ship who didn’t quite get how things worked, and didn’t really care as long as they got to say a few puns or sing a song.

I remember visiting Mark Humble at his house in New Jersey with a copy of this skit during spring break. Scott and I accosted him in his backyard, and made him put on headphones to listen to the first skit, the Pirates singing the ‘Slinky’ theme song.   His reaction was MFM.  First he listened. Then he shrugged. Then his mouth opened up and as the Pirates sang the chorus, he doubled over in laughter.

Our work there was done.

See if you start to chuckle in the same spot. Enjoy.