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The Reluctant Waiter strikes again…

November 14, 2009

The Reluctant Waiter, Luigi’s Restaurant and Speculation Theater ‘What If Early Man Had Cable Television’

I remember we were going to attempt to do a stage version of the ”BU skit”, but many technical problems would have cropped up, (we needed a flaming arrow shooting thru a working window, a provost desk, and a full set of china for tea) which had us move on to the Reluctant Waiter skit.

Mark knocked it out of the park.

A few behind the scenes notes – I’m a lousy memorizer – in fact for half the skits, I found a prop or some other way to conceal the script in the scene. Here, it’s in the menu. I also somehow saved the plant I hit from falling down at the last second.

Next – Luigi’s – This was one of our radio bits, in fact the audio is straight from that skit. We shot the video in a bathroom in Needham MA, and edited it at Newhouse the day before the show, so the finished product was a surprise until right before airtime.  Mark was game to be the corpse, and we made a toe tag from a file label. A few scrubs and sheets grabbed from the local hospital, a can of cat food, a saw and a jack from the car later, and we had a passable autopsy room. The audience reaction was miked for this during the live show, and it really sold the bit.

And last – Speculation Theater. We did this one just so Andrew could have the punch line – we kept cracking up just hearing his voice say it. Look close and you’ll see we’re all actually wearing toilet bowl covers from K-Mart. Anything to sell the skit… that’s dedication. Enjoy.

The Updated Luigi’s cut

March 1, 2008

 This is the version from the BYD & Friends show live at Newhouse Studios at scenic Syracuse University. The audience track isn’t as loud as I remember it, but reactions are the same. It’s tagged with a rare clip of Pat and ‘The Doctor of Rock’ Chris Garrett racing elephants in downtown Portsmouth, NH. I think the Mayor was on the center elephant – he eventually won the elimination heats, and everyone had ‘lunch’ with the Pachyderms – they brought a flatbed truck of lettuce and veggies for them to eat. You’ll never see that happen in this age… the liability would be enourmous. But in the mid 80’s it was just an odd thing, but no one got worked up over the fact 3 lumbering animals were around the crowds of women, children, sirens, and radio DJ’s obnoxiously commenting on the air.  The previous year I was the guest rider… I had about 30 pounds of Marti radio gear with me trying to talk while the race was on, barely holding on to the grip, and bouncing on the elephant’s back to come in a solid last.  At least the picture made the paper of us with the elephants on 2 legs. Still on their backs. Yeah, no liability there. Or brain cells on my part.. but it was fun.

How to be famous as a deceased actor

February 15, 2008

 Some background on this bit.This originally was created for radio. I think it went out on the networks, and we also performed it live at a morning radio show in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The visuals of us going all the sound effects live were interesting.. I think we ended up on the roof of the theater building finding twigs to snap and things to toss around for the surgery sounds. Later, for the BYD & Friends show at Syracuse, we shot some segments in Needham and Newburyport, and Plum Island, and this one was one of them. I think it was done in a 6′ x 6′ bathroom at the cable station.   The most difficult part of this was actually finding cheese. No one had a shaker, or a wedge.  We settled on floppy american sliced cheese, which seemed surreal enough. The operation materials are actually cat food.   I think the really odd part was we didn’t do the video for about a year after the radio skit. It’s the exact same soundtrack as the radio bit, although I did like the BYD&Friends version with the crowd reactions added to the soundtrack. I’ll see if I can find that one and replace it.  Until then, Enjoy.